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About the Richland County Recreation Commission

The Richland County Recreation Commission (RCRC) is a nationally accredited park and recreation agency located in Richland County, South Carolina.

As a Special Purpose District, incorporated on June 6, 1960, RCRC was created under the laws of the State of South Carolina by Act 873, as amended, for establishment of the Rural Recreation District in Richland County. With over 40 facilities, the Commission provides physical education and recreation facilities for the citizens of Richland County, South Carolina.

One of RCRC’s prime responsibilities is the development of a diversified county park system. The park system also emphasizes passive activities, the environment and community health. Each park facility offers a variety of programming that is generally directed toward the natural features and characteristics of the site.

RCRC offers the community a wide variety of park facilities, programs and events. The park system enjoys a large customer base consisting primarily of local families. The annual park visitation is well over 100,000 patrons throughout the system.

The agency is currently increasing the size of its park system with land purchases, new facilities and new parks afforded by a General Obligation Bond in 2008. RCRC’s next objective is for the PROST Plan to create a framework for decision-making over a multi-year planning period. The plan will also provide an update to previous plans and studies, and consider the recreation needs and desires of the current population of Richland County.

About Richland County, South Carolina

Named for the sprawling “rich land” that supported hearty indigo and cotton plantations for generations, Richland County today is home to a diverse population of more than 390,000 residents.

The County was carved out of the Camden District in 1785 and flourished with rolling farmland as important trade routes were established along the Santee, Congaree and Saluda rivers. In 1786, the state capital was relocated from coastal Charleston to the geographic center of the state, and a new city was born. Once Columbia was established as the state capital and county seat, Richland County’s boundaries were formally incorporated on Dec. 18, 1799.

The balanced scale of justice and the South Carolina Statehouse are featured on the Richland County seal, denoting the County’s significance as the headquarters of South Carolina State Legislature. During Gen. William T. Sherman’s burning of Columbia and surrounding areas in 1865, the Statehouse was spared. It was designated a National Historic Landmark in 1976.

From its agrarian roots to its establishment as the legislative hub of South Carolina, Richland County today boasts a vibrant military community at Fort Jackson, several acclaimed educational institutions, award-winning hospital systems, the South Carolina State Museum, a cutting-edge urban scene in downtown Columbia and a plethora of recreational activities, all nestled between the banks of its many rivers and lakes.

Richland County is more than just a great place to visit – it’s a great place to live, work and play.